Did Japan Hide Infected People for Tokyo Olympics 2020? #covid19


A useful thread to illustrate Japan's strategy


There are several topics related to Covid-19, but among them, the issue of testing has left science and medicine and is now contested in the realm of politics.

It is said that the number of tests in Japan is low.


Japan is suspected of covering up the infected people for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


There may be a misunderstanding that Japan has adopted a population immunity strategy.

Hironori Funabikiのスレッドは日本の戦略を理解する助けになるだろう。

Hironori Funabiki's thread will help you understand Japan's strategy.


Here are my personal thoughts and thoughts on replying to his thread. Please forgive me for my poor English.

Test, test, test might work in a small town.


The WHO recommends testing for suspected cases. Test, test, test.


The WHO calls South Korea a success and encourages other countries to follow suit.


But I doubt that this strategy will work in all cities.



Demographia World Urban Areas & Population Projections(PDF)

Test, test, test might work in a small cities. However, in large cities, over-testing drains medical resources.

The population of Japan is 130 million people. There are 14 million people living in Tokyo. It is important to determine your priorities.

新型コロナウイルス 社会的な距離


I think the difference between life and death is more in the medical system that accepts critically ill people than in the number of tests. If the number of tests is paramount, that doesn't explain Europe's predicament.


In large cities with high population densities, where minor infections are found one after another, medical resources should be saved to treat the seriously ill rather than the total number of infections.


Check out the situation in New York and Los Angeles.

Health officials in New York City and Los Angeles County are signaling a change in local strategy when it comes to coronavirus testing, recommending that doctors avoid testing patients except in cases where a test result would significantly change the course of treatment.

A news release from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health this week advised doctors not to test those experiencing only mild respiratory symptoms unless “a diagnostic result will change clinical management or inform public health response.”

The recommendation reflects a "shifting from a strategy of case containment to slowing disease transmission and averting excess morbidity and mortality," according to the statement.

The guidance said coronavirus testing at L.A. County public health labs will prioritized those with symptoms, health care workers, residents of long-term care facilities, paramedics and other high-risk situations. Others are encouraged to simply stay at home.

At about the same time, the New York City Department of Health directed all healthcare facilities to immediately stop testing non-hospitalized patients for Covid-19.

Special medical environment in Japan


There are a crazy number of CT scans in Japan. And With universal health insurance, everyone can receive medical care at a low cost. Smaller clinics can also receive CT scans. It's amazing.


It's an environment where it's easy to make an imaging diagnosis of who has serious pneumonia.


This will help you properly determine who is a "suspected case" that needs to be tested for Covid-19.


However, Japan has not yet reached its peak. Success will depend on future efforts. I'll refrain from making a final decision here.